My art is born from my love for folklore and the concept of gaining knowledge through metaphor. I am drawn to 2D, demonstrative illustrations such as those seen in the Ashanti stories of Anansi the Spider and other folktales retold and illustrated in the late 1970s.


My work is inspired by that very aesthetic that was so well demonstrated in children's books and "Sesame Street" of that era. I intend to create a new folklore through artwork that tells the modern story of naturally empowered women and girls. Currently, I find myself subconsciously responding to the issues of human migration, cultural intersections and the story that we contain in our individual dreamscapes. I am interested in documenting the human “aura” and crucial moments of the collective feminine memory. My creative process begins with color. I am inspired by the way nature’s color schemes pop. I begin my work by thinking about the emotions that I want to invoke through color. I also consider symbols that represent the feminine mystique and magic. The process has become a life metaphor in which I work through obstacles, obtain epiphanies and understand myself as one small part to a much larger whole.


After spending time tinkering around at her father’s auto repair/welding shop as a child, Noelle began to create an imaginary world out of carpenters chalk drawings and discarded car parts. This world turned the industrial environment of downtown Fresno into a delusional paradise. Noelle left Fresno at eighteen but took her imaginary world with her. Noelle has worked for many years in the arts education realm developing a profound relationship with culture, creative expression, and child development. She works to convey the beauty and complexities of human nature using texture, pattern, and narrative elements throughout her work. Noelle's work further explores themes such as cross-cultural awareness, women's spirituality, and the botanical world through painting and collage practices. These subject matters are expressed through a vibrant play on color and form through painted paper cut collage and watercolor. The mixed mediums employed here includes watercolor, acrylic painting, cut paper collage, and encaustic painting.


Noelle currently works as a Visual Artist and Art Instructor from her home studio at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA.


Capitola Village - 309 Capitola Avenue, Capitola, CA, 95010

Downtown Santa Cruz - 703 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 | (408) 250-2224

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