Local artist Reid Winfrey is clearing out his studio to make way for a new year and some fresh, new artwork. Lucky for us, we get to help. Lucky for you - he is selling his work for %50-%75 off his studio prices! 


Reid Winfrey has always been able to draw and holds realism as the honest test of a draftsman. As an instructor at Cogswell Polytechnic College, he has the opportunity to study and practice realistic rendering. As an artist, he approaches realism in terms of the challenge of creating images that have “painterliness,” or the sensuality of paint and color and obvious hand of the painter. His work has been shown throughout California and the United States as well as Europe and Asia.


Reid has been painting and teaching art and design for many years.  He has exhibited in galleries and museums all over the U.S., and in England and Japan. His most recent work explores this concept of realism and painterliness through the subject of humans and our bodies, and also through an exploration of famous paintings and painters. 

Since receiving his MFA from San Jose State University in 1985 Reid Winfrey has created and exhibited consistently strong bodies of work and in each new body his technical expertise and draftsmanship meld with his ideas and chosen subject matter whether that subject be the energy of the flame as in his series and  “Playing with Fire” or his series based on the subtle quiet of his experience of the ocean (Reid is an avid surfer). The result has always been works that are at once accessible and sophisticated.


While with the earlier works Reid often combined numerous techniques and materials, The Commute Paintings are created with the more “traditional” means of oil paint on canvas or wood panel and it is obvious that Reid has mastered the medium. In this series Reid has turned his gaze toward the landscape and more concisely, the landscape at night with the rivers of warmly glowing headlights and taillights flowing around and through the freeway’s canyons and ridges. The images are likely familiar to those who live or work in the Santa Clara Valley but rather than feeling the frustration that the traffic can cause here there is a quiet beauty of illumination within the darkness, rendered with depth and sensitivity that brings life to these paintings.

Reid travels forty miles each way between his home in Capitola, California and his work as Professor of digital arts and animation at Cogswell Polytechnic College in Sunnyvale, California.